Lyons Paws: Willow

Willow is our lucky winner of the “Pick My Pet!” contest from last issue! She’ll receive a snazzy new collar of her choice from the talented local team at Tie Dyed Turtle Natural Living. Here’s what Willow’s mom, Patty Ayala, had to say about her adorable pup:

Willow is a 3-year-old (going on 4 months old, we still call her puppy because of her zoomies) Bernese Shepherd mix. I got her from a rescue in Aurora from a New Mexico reservation at a very dark time in my life the day after my father died. The joy of her kisses, puppy breath, zoomies and just being a bouncy puppy brought me immeasurable laughter and love.

I am a senior living alone and I have kidney disease, neuropathy and diabetes. Willow is very smart and a quick learner and I have taught her to be a service dog. There have been so many times that she has stood by me when I fallen and been there to help me up. Every day she brings me my socks and shoes and anything that I drop on the floor, keeping me from having to bend over and chance falling again. She is a family treasure loved by everyone in our family and I am so grateful to God that he put her in our lives. I didn’t rescue her she rescued me.

Patty Ayala

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Willow the dog