Lyons Paws: Haven

Lyons is full of interesting residents of the 4-legged sort as well, many of whom you’ve likely seen, or heard, around town. We hope you’ll help us introduce some of our furry friends in each issue by sending your pet’s photo and profile to



It may be due to the surprisingly long legs for a dog her size, or a previous life as a racehorse, but this little Cavapoo (a mix of King Cavalier Spaniel and Miniature Poodle) rarely stops moving. When she’s not playing chase in the dog park with her best bud, a 65-pound rescue mutt, you can find her at home moving all her toys from inside to out, or working on her new venture of seeking and shredding used tissues.

Don’t let the sweet and demure looks of this barely 1-year-old fool you; her little yips have scared off dumpster-diving bears (from inside the house of course), diligently protect her turf from pesky squirrels, and keep the puppies at the dog park in line.

Haven loves long walks by the river, chasing tennis balls (but not returning them), morning socializing at the dog park, and bacon-flavored treats.

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