Krafty Kids: Sun-Catching Hearts

These sun-catching hearts are a sure fire way to brighten up any day. A perfect craft for Valentines Day, it’s a quick and low-mess activity kiddos of any age will love!


  • Clear contact paper
  • Cardstock
  • Tissue paper in multiple colors
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
  • Length of ribbon
  • Clear tape


  1. Download the heart template PDF and print onto colored or plain cardstock. For extra fun, or if you are using white cardstock, the hearts can be decorated with markers or colored pencils.
  2. Cut out the hearts, creating one large and one medium heart frame, and three small-sized hearts (for best results, an adult should use an X-ACTO knife to cut along the lines of the interior hearts). Set aside the smallest hearts for now.
  3. Cut a variety of colors of tissue paper into approximately ½” squares.
  4. Cut four squares of contact paper: two large enough to cover the large heart frame, and two large enough to cover the medium heart frame. Set aside one of each size for now.
  5. So that the sticky side will be face up, peel the backing off of the larger square of contact paper, and press the large heart outline onto it. Then repeat the same with the smaller square and the medium heart frame.
  6. Place a variety of colors of the tissue paper squares onto the sticky side of the contact paper on the inside of each heart, letting the tissue paper overlap in areas. Make sure the entire interior is covered. You can hold each heart up to the light to see if there are any missed areas.
  7. Once each heart is completely covered in tissue paper, take the contact paper squares you set aside earlier, peel the backing off, and press them down onto the top of each heart.
  8. Cut off the excess contact paper around the outside of each heart, then punch a hole in the top and bottom of each of them.
  9. Using fishing line, string the bottom of the large heart to the top of the medium heart, and tie a tail of fishing line to the bottom of the medium heart.
  10. Tape the three small hearts to the tail you attached to the bottom of the medium heart.
  11. Finally, using the ribbon, create a loop for hanging in the top of the large heart, and find a sunny window to hang and enjoy!

heart-shaped sun catcher kid's craft hanging in window
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